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Merrill Shatzman

Duke University

Merrill Shatzman is an abstract printmaker whose work includes images in relief, silkscreen, lithography, bookmaking, and digital media. Her prints have been exhibited in 90 solo, invitational, group, and juried shows in the United States and internationally. Shatzman's award-winning prints can be found in numerous collections, including at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the National Museum of American Art, and the Smithsonian Institution. Inspired by her passion for written forms from multiple cultures, including Middle Eastern, Far Eastern, and Mesoamerican, her black-and-white relief images are rich with calligraphic marks, camouflage, patterning, and symbols, which allude to signs and letters, condensed and illegible. Her most recent prints combine digital imaging and silkscreen printing, uniquely highlighting the similarities between different media through abstract, highly patterned written forms.