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Duke Forum for Scholars and Publics

Propose a Partnership

The Forum for Scholars and Publics welcomes ideas from faculty, staff, and students about potential programs on which we might collaborate. While we don’t require a formal proposal, we’ve found that the following questions often come up when discussing potential collaborations:


What. Can you provide a short paragraph describing the topic and activities you anticipate the program involving?

When. What date or dates are you proposing?

How much. What is the anticipated budget for the program?

Who. Do you have or are you seeking other partners at Duke or elsewhere? How do you envision everyone working together? Do other partnerships present any particular constraints or requirements? What is each partner contributing in terms of resources and participants?

Fit. If you are proposing a visitor, how does the visitor’s work connect to scholarly projects at Duke? Are they comfortable engaging with a range of non-specialist scholars, professionals, and community members as part of their activities here? Are they comfortable speaking/writing in English? If not, what plans do you have for translation? (We have done several events involving translation, so this may be possible, but it needs to be discussed in advance.)

Reach. How does the project connect to a non-specialist community and what are your thoughts about how to communicate with that community?

Out-of-box thinking. Are you excited about the possibilities of unconventional formats and willing to engage in creative thinking about how to put your program together? We thrive on partnerships and brainstorming with colleagues about ways to do public scholarship in interesting and effective ways.


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