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Text, Image & Sound: Translating Audiovisual Media

With Eileen Chow and Sarah Alys Lindholm
March 31st, 2015
12:45 PM


On Tuesday, March 31, 2015 Eileen Chow and Sarah Alys Lindholm talked at the event Text, Image, and Sound: Translating Audiovisual Media. They discussed their experiences and expertise translating audiovisual media. 

This was the third conversation in the three-part series, Making the Invisible Visible: A Series of Conversations with Translators and Interpreters, organized by Joan Munné and Melissa Simmermeyer. This series connected the public and students of Spanish 310 (Advanced Spanish Translation) with the professional community of translators and interpreters. Despite the pervasiveness of translation in today’s globalized world, even highly educated people often forget that without the skilled intellectual work of translators and interpreters, most texts, peoples, and regions of the world would be inaccessible to those who speak other languages.

For more information on this series:

Cosponsored by Forum for Scholars and Publics, CATI (Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters), and the David L. Paletz Award.