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Joseph Bathanti: 13th Sunday After Pentecost

with music by Sus Long & Michael Conner
March 7th, 2017
7:00 PM


Tuesday, March 7, 7:00 - 8:00 pm

The Regulator Bookshop (720 Ninth Street, Durham, NC 27705

Poet Joseph Bathanti comes to The Regulator Bookshop with his newest book of poetry, The 13th Sunday After Pentecost, for a reading and booksigning.

In The 13th Sunday after Pentecost, Joseph Bathanti offers poems that delve deep into a life reimagined through a mythologized past. Moving from his childhood to the present, weaving through the Italian immigrant streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to his parochial school, from the ballpark to church and home again, these contemplative poems present a situation unique to the poet but familiar to us all.

Bathanti's readings will be interspersed with the sublime music of Sus Long and Michael Conner. Two working pastors, Long and Conner are often in conversation about faith and grace, love and grief, and the threads that hold all things together. Formed by novels and poems, morning news, late-night theology, and the stories of the people around them, their music has taken them from festival stages to prison chapels as they explore the work of the modern psalmist.

Come join us at The Regulator for a much-needed evening of poetry and music!


Across the strike zone swoops a dove,
maybe an angel. You’re in Pittsburgh,
March; it’s snowing. All week
you’ve seen angels; everyone’s tired,
proclaiming even horrid things angels,
intimating miracles. Johnson’s pitch
obliterates the bird—
a hail of feathers and dander,
as if inside a tiny bomb detonated.
Like a cartoon. Thoroughly unbelievable.
Around you, people are dying.
But you ignore it.
You laugh at the massacred dove.
It’s not funny, but you laugh.
You could cry, rip your hair out, your clothes off,
crash through the seventhfloor window
into the slushy black streets of the city.
It’s funny because it’s not.

            —from “Angels” by Joseph Bathanti


Listen to "Born Homesick" by Sus Long and Michael Conner. 








Joseph Bathanti

Appalachian State University

Joseph Bathanti is former Poet Laureate of North Carolina (2012-14) and recipient of the 2016 North Carolina Award for Literature. He is the author of ten books of poetry, including Communion Partners; Anson County; The Feast of All Saints; This Metal<...

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Sus Long & Michael Conner

Singer-songwriter Sus Long met bass and banjo player Michael Conner in 2013 while they were in divinity school and they kept talking because they liked the same books. The two started meeting up to play Ramones covers and bluegrass standards, eventually forming a songwriting partnership ...

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