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Bring Us Your Art


We want to fill the walls of our seminar room with interesting art! Ideally, the work would relate to a discussion being held in our space. Take a look at our "Upcoming" discussions, and let us know if you have some photographs, drawings, or paintings that would complement one of our projects. Or propose a new discussion that could include your work. We have space for 10-12 16X20 prints. The current photos on our walls were done by the wonderful Duke undergraduate, Lauren Henschel (Trinity '15), and accompanied our discussion of Eula Biss's Immunity. (Examples of Lauren's work can be seen here.) If necessary, we can pay for or contribute to printing and mounting costs.

And while you're thinking creatively, we also have 14 plastic clothing torsos (similar to these, acquired in preparation for our "Appropriate? Or Appropriation?" discussion last fall). Have ideas for a program that could incorporate them into a discussion and stretch the public imagination? Let us know!

Send ideas to!

(Header photo by Kevin Shui, courtesy of The Standard)