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Borders Beyond the Border: Immigration and The New North Carolina



Since 2000, North Carolina’s immigrant population has grown faster than that of nearly every other state in the U.S. The new arrivals have come to work in agriculture, construction, and meat processing, as well as other industries. Counties, cities and towns have adopted very different approaches to the influx, creating borders that are rarely seen but widely understood: between documented and undocumented immigrants; between races and ethnicities, and each group’s rich and poor; between government institutions that are more welcoming or more exclusionary; and ultimately between those communities that treat immigrants as a blessing, and those that see them as a burden.

The goal of the Borders Beyond the Border project is to document and analyze the contemporary experience of immigrants in North Carolina through articles, documentary film, and photography. We do so through a range of collaborations involving Duke University faculty and students, journalists, community activists, and artists. Through in-depth journalism and documentary arts combined with a range of academic scholarship, Borders Beyond the Border aims to produce a body of work that will be both analytical and emotionally compelling, full of stories and characters, in the hopes offering a deeper understanding of the changes occurring in North Carolina.  

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Watch Qahti Hart's video on “I don’t think I could do that again.” A Mexican immigrant’s journey to North Carolina.