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The Anthropologist and the Settler: Updates From the Field in Israel/Palestine

Joyce Dalsheim
September 28th, 2017
11:45 AM


Thursday, September 28, 2017
11:45 am - 1:15 pm

Forum for Scholars and Publics
Duke's West Campus Quad
011 Old Chem

A light lunch will be served.

Who are Israeli settlers? What is the Israeli settlement project? Is settlement synonymous with occupation? Having recently returned from fieldwork in Israel/Palestine, anthropologist Joyce Dalsheim will share insights from the field. She will discuss the case of religiously motivated Jewish settlers, the question of what constitutes Israeli Occupation, and Israeli opposition to ongoing settlement in post-1967 Israeli occupied territories. Her talk will raise questions about how perceived social, religious, and political divisions among Israeli Jews may disguise fundamental similarities and work toward promoting a political project many claim to oppose.

Cosponsored by the Duke Center for Jewish Studies, the Forum for Scholars and Publics, Humanities Futures @ the Franklin Humanities Institute, and the Duke University Middle East Studies Center.

Cover Art: David Reeb.


"50 Years of Occupation, 1967-2017: Israel/Palestine, Histories and Futures"

SEPTEMBER 28 - Joyce Dalsheim, "The Anthropologist and the Settler: Updates From the Field in Israel/Palestine"

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Joyce Dalsheim

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Joyce Dalsheim is a cultural anthropologist in the Department of Global Studies at UNC Charlotte. Her work deals with issues of nationalism, religion and the secular, and conflict, primarily in Israel/Palestine. She has written about conflicts over the Jewish settlement project in Israeli ...

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