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Duke Forum for Scholars and Publics

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The Forum for Scholars & Publics is located on Duke's West Campus at 011 Old Chem. Parking is available at the Bryan Center parking garage or at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens parking lot

If you do not have a Duke University parking permit, the most reliable parking near our space is at the Duke Gardens Lot off of Anderson Road, as the Bryan Center Visitor Lot is often full by lunch time. Old Chem is about a 10-15 minute walk through the Gardens. Follow signs for the Chapel, if you don't know your way; if you are familiar with the Gardens, the quickest path to our space is to enter the Gardens from the parking lot and stay straight until you reach the gazebo at the top of the terraced garden. Descend the terraced garden and go around the small fish/lilypad pond and up the stone steps. Keep going up the steps until you reach the road (Flowers Drive). Cross the road and stay on the short asphalt path to the parking lot. Cross the parking lot and ascend the steps to the main campus. Stay straight on the sidewalk at the top of the steps until you see a sandwich board sign for Saladelia at the Perk on your left and the FSP sandwich board announcing our event on your right. This is all much less complicated than it seems!

Entering the Old Chem building from the entrance facing the Languages Building and the Perkins Cafe, FSP is down the steps and immediately on the right on the ground floor.

*If you require handicap parking, please contact Margaret Lou Brown at 919-660-3058 at least one day in advance to make arrangements. 


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